With The Major Emphasis In Downsizing And Restructuring Health Care

With the major emphasis in downsizing and restructuring health care to be financially successful, issues of quality nursing care come up frequently. 

One common issue related to quality nursing care is medication errors. In a downsized work environment, medication errors may increase due to limited staffing with licensed nursing personnel.  Often staffing is just enough to be adequate or slightly below what is necessary for safe and quality patient care.  You are a nursing supervisor, and you want to research a medication that was omitted during a change of shift period. 

What questions are you going to ask?  Who will you look to for information?  How will I know if a medication error is a result of a nursing colleague’s mistake or a result of an understaffed nursing unit? Ensure you are upholding professional and respectful communication with your peers and instructors. Please respond to your other classmates posts as required by the discussion board policies.

 Two peer responses are required with correct APA format and one references for each response.

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