There Are Many Benefits To Bariatric Surgery

There Are Many Benefits To Bariatric Surgery: Hi Autumn, excellent post. I can see how people with weight problems can get frustrated with diets and weight loss not happening fast enough.

There are many benefits to bariatric surgery, but there are also risks, and long-term complications. Bariatric surgery is not always the best option to lose weight. It will require discipline and compliance to keep the weight from coming back. One would think that if you have discipline, one could lose weight without surgery. This is   major surgery that comes with risks.

Surgical risks are bleeding,   blood clots, infection, and much more, including death. Long-term risks include bowel obstruction, dumping syndrome, malnutrition,   vitamin deficiency, nausea, vomiting, low blood sugar. and even death.   Bariatric surgery can help improve sleep apnea, hypertension,   diabetes, and prevent stroke, but there is a tradeoff for other health problems. If possible, it would be best to change eating habits and exercise.   I NEED YOU TO COMMENT FROM THIS POST, 150 WORDS NEEDED AND A REFERENCE PLEASE

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