When There Is A Gap In Research Findings

When There Is A Gap In Research Findings: Provide a 150 word response to the discussion question answer below in apa format with in-text citations and references.

Title page is not needed:   Discussion Question Answer: When there is a gap in research findings, it prevents reviewers from being able to determine conclusive evidence and ultimately prevents healthcare clinicians from being able to apply that research to patient care (Robinson, Akinyede, & Dutta, 2103) When a gap exists it suggests that there is further research that needs to be performed, and unfortunately that can nullify the relevance and validity of the existing findings.

One positive result of gaps in research findings is that it can highlight strengths and weaknesses in research such as small sample size, possible bias of the study. So this could be considered as a positive because it prompts for further studies and creates a higher level of validity. As well, research gaps are what are the seen as the catalyst for more conclusive studies taken on by researhers.    Original Question:   When reviewing the literature and different types of evidence, there are often gaps in the findings. Are such gaps a help or a hindrance when wanting to create a change?

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