Identify And Describe A Needed Change In Your Workplace

Identify and describe a needed change in your workplace. It could be a change in the levels of staffing, or so on. Start with an introductory paragraph that includes the purpose of the paper.

In your description, describe the implications of the change on nursing staff and nursing management. Include the potential impact of the change on patient care. Describe the steps needed to implement the change. Be sure to use proper APA formatting, including a title page. The following headings are required in the assignment: Change Description Change Implications for Nursing Change Impact on Quality of Care and Safety Concerns for Patients Implementation Plan for Change Conclusion References (a separate page) The deliverable length for each section is as follows: The change issue should be described in 3–4 paragraphs, 200–250 words.

The Implications for nursing should be described in 1–2 paragraphs, 100–150 words. The change impact on quality of care and safety concerns for patients should be described in 1–2 paragraphs, 100–150 words. The implementation Plan for Change should be described in 2–4 paragraphs 200–250 words. The total length of the paper EXCLUDING title page and reference page should be 3-4 pages. Double spaced. Please follow directions

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