Gathering Data For Your DNP Project

Gathering Data For Your DNP Project To prepare: Consider the issues you have noticed while implementing the intervention and/or gathering data for your DNP Project or another evidence-based project.

Bring to mind Dr. Mauk’s comments on social, political, technological, and/or financial considerations in the Weeks 2 and 3 media program. Reflect on how these considerations have, or may, affect your implementation. Think about any unexpected developments that arose (or may arise) during the implementation phase of your evidence-based project. What was the root cause of each development and its effect on your project?

Return to the literature and note any variances between your activities, relevant standards and guidelines, and what is considered “best practice.” Evaluate your original plan for developing and implementing your DNP project (regardless of where you are in the process right now) or another evidence-based project. What, if anything, would you change in order to improve the process, quality of data, etc.? By Day 3 of Week 2 Post a cohesive response that addresses the following: Describe one or more significant issues related to the implementation of and data gathering for an evidence-based project.

Assess the cause and meaning of each issue for your evidence-based project. If applicable, describe how the issue may have compromised your project. What insights related to variances between project activities, relevant standards and guidelines, and what is considered “best practice” are most significant for this evidence-based project? Summarize your evaluation of the planning for and implementation of the intervention, noting opportunities for improvement with future projects.

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