“Disability as a Tool of Innovation” Research Paper · Wheelch

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“Disability as a Tool of Innovation” Research Paper · Wheelchairs on Airplanes You are required to write a two-page paper, double spaced, 12 point font addressing the following questions. This is a question and answer format. You must include the question above each response. Failure to do so will result in a loss of 3 points.  1. Introduction: Opening statement of topic area you will be discussing (1 paragraph) 2. References: Which websites, readings, and documentary films did you utilize in your investigation?  (3 sources; What were the main points or arguments of each source? Write a 1 paragraph summary of each = 3 paragraphs) 3. Which of these fundamental areas does this topic touch on? How does it relate to the fundamental area(s)? (1 paragraph) a. Accessibility b. Accommodations c. Assistive Technology d. Disability Rights e. Respectful Language 4. I used to think that… Why did you think that?  Now I think that… Why do you think that now? What changed in your thinking?  (1 paragraph).  5. Closing: In this context, how is disability a tool of innovation? (2-3 sentences) 6. Student Checklist Supplemental Extra Credit Opportunity Take a stand consistent with disability rights and life quality. Create a flyer or art piece that represents the issue you have researched.  Scan your creation and submit it digitally for extra credit points. (Indicate whether or not we have your permission to share it with the class. We can share anonymously as well. Just let us know.)

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