Changes In The Community Can Be A Difficult Process

Kaccc Changes in the community can be a difficult process. Because changes within the community do not affect just one person.

However, a difference like imputing a sidewalk is a positive change that is more promising to not affect the community in a negative way. Two key factors that would facilitate a change are, health and safety. Not only will the sidewalks make the community look beautiful, they will aid in providing a safe effective way for people to exercise and commute. Utilizing these two factors, as well as educating can help persuade the community as to why these sidewalks are so important.

The community team could also get a petition and signatures from around the community, showing support to present to whoever will be involved in the decision making.  Any change will bring about issues. The main ones presented in this case are cost and not having enough to facilitate the change. Yet, to fix cost issues, the community could host a number of events from car washes, to selling food (cupcakes, cookies), have fundraisers and money from donors. Not necessarily having enough, meaning the community support or enough factors to persuade the change could hinder it as well.

“Another distinguishing characteristic of community activism is that the primary commitment and motivation for change are generated from within the community of interest” (Mason, Garden, et. al, 2016, p.651). Without any support, commitment or motivation to aid in this change, the project may fail. Making use of the team by educating, getting a petition and having the community involved with the change, will better the chances for all.

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