Reflection Involves Critical Thinking

Reflection Involves Critical Thinking: In the scenario assignments below, you are asked to reflect on responses to the presented scenario. It should not just be writing down your first reaction or what you already know.

Reflection involves critical thinking, which means rethinking your existing knowledge and previously held opinions in light of what we have learned about theories of ethics, logic, and reasoning. You will need to question your current knowledge and beliefs.Discuss the main points of the debate, what stance you take, support that stance, and discuss the opposing argument. Also discuss an ethical theory that would apply to defend your view.To complete each scenario assignment: Complete the entire scenario.

Compose your reflection in a Word document and be sure to address, at a minimum, the following questions: Why do you feel the way you do about the issue presented? Of the four responses offered in the scenario, which do you think is the most ethical and why? Support your conclusions with evidence and specific examples from the textbook, including a minimum of one theory of ethics to defend your stance. Your reflection must be 1-2 pages in length and follow APA 7TH EDITION formatting and citation guidelines as appropriate, making sure to cite at least two sources

****Debating if animal research and testing is harmful or un-harmful and if its ethical or not*** The two doctors speaking is Dr. Nguyen that agrees with animal research to be helpful and unharming and Dr. miller that opposes to animal testing, pick which said your on and why your opposed to the other argument!**** THE ARGUMENTS OF DEBATE WILL BE UPLOADED BELOW IN FILES!!!

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