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Re: Topic 7 DQ 2   The most effective and important piece of change is through the evaluation of the patient. After education of the staff and implementation of the education and procedures that are to begin taking place for the surgical patient, surveys will be conducted. As it currently stands, each and every post-operative patient is contacted the next business day and a brief survey is done verbally, a few weeks later, a written survey is sent out. Patients that undergo procedures with expected pain and post-operative medications, will receive slightly different surveys than those surveys that exist today. New questions for those patients who received pain medication will include their satisfaction level with pain in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit on a scale of one to ten, their current level of pain at home, and their satisfaction with their level of pain at home with their current medication. Additionally, the patients will be asked if they know when they are to take two pills in a prescription that states “one to two pill, every four to six-hour”, as well as what to do with any leftover medications they may have after surgery, the current amount of medications left on hand, and where the patient is currently storing their pain medications in the house. The answer to these questions will be compiled each day to create a record of the patient’s understanding of the teachings they were given, and their satisfaction with their care and level of pain after surgery. These surveys will continue to be complied to create monthly satisfaction surveys.

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