Theory of Bureaucratic Caring and the Theory of Successful Aging

Theory of Bureaucratic Caring and the Theory of Successful Aging The theory of Bureaucratic Caring was introduced by the ray, and it deals with offering ethical care to oneself and the others in a certain community.

The theory of Successful Aging deals with the process that people have to go through before they can stop being active in the society (In Smith, 2015).

It deals with the disengagement of the people growing older from certain activities that require active participation. In this paper, I will discuss the theory of Bureaucratic caring more than the theory of successful aging. Bureaucratic caring is very important first to the nurses and the young health practitioners who have just graduated out of college. The nurses have to consult and collaborate with other nurses to be able to carry out their tasks smoothly. That way, caring for one another and oneself is very important. The practice is also used in modeling future leaders in health care facilities.

Good leaders should be in a position to take care of themselves and the other people around them. Being caring to others means that you can understand how they feel or what they are going through and this is very important to nurses because they can be able to understand the conditions of a patient easily (Masters, 2015). The theory of bureaucratic caring relates well to the leadership role of nurses whereby they are required to ensure patients safety and good health by employing excellent communication skills. As a nurse, I plan to that I have effective communication skills that will help me to communicate well with patients and other nurses. I also want to be a good leader who practices participative partnership.

I will also ensure that funds and other health facilities are well distributed and are only used for their intended purpose. I will also ensure that budgets are tight so that the little resources available can be used to benefit a large number of people. I will also be in the frontline during the formulation of rules and standards to be used in my health facility. The bureaucratic care and the successful aging theories are both aimed at providing the best health care for people vulnerable to certain illnesses in the society (Masters, 2015).                                                                References: In Smith, M., & In Parker, M. (2015). Nursing theories & nursing practice. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. Masters, K. (2015). Nursing theories: A framework for professional practice. Burlington, Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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