Task Rationale   Writing an Annotated Bibliography will help yo

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Task Rationale   Writing an Annotated Bibliography will help you to find, summarise and organise the relevant research literature to support you in providing evidence based clinical practice. Compiling an annotated bibliography will help you think about the relevance and quality of the research on a topic. Does the research meet the requirements of the case study? Is the information from a reliable and academically respected source? You will be asked to do similar research to this in the workplace when preparing to conduct new research projects or when developing practice guidelines, procedures and protocols. Task Description     For this task you need to write a 1500 word essay. In your essay you must summarise, evaluate and critique three (3) sources relevant to the case study.   There are three (3) parts to this essay: Part 1: Annotated Bibliography (600 words) Part 2: Justification for your choice of sources (700 words) Part 3: Recommendations for clinical practice (200 words)

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