Select A Contingency Model Of Leadership

WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENTS   5.1  Discussion:  Select a contingency model of leadership and explain how the model is manifested in your organization?

Provide examples and appropriate research sources to support your position. 500 words max. APA citations and references from at least 2 scholarly sources required. Respond to at least 2 other posts.   5.2  Article Summary: Read and summarize this article: Sauer, S. J. (2011). Taking the reins: The effects of new leader status and leadership style on team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96(3), 574-587. The article should be summarized (in your own words) in 2-3 paragraphs, focusing on the author’s main points. What was the purpose of the study? Describe the theoretical model or framework used in the article. Define terms and concepts. Describe the methodology. Was the study conducted using qualitative or qualitative methods? Who participated in the study? Were there any significant findings?   (I work at a hospital)

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