Pathophysiology: A Deeper Dive into Disease       Part of dev

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Pathophysiology: A Deeper Dive into Disease       Part of developing expertise in reading medical charts is having a solid understanding of disease processes based on the disease – and in some cases multiple diseases – that is/are being documented.   This short research paper will give you an opportunity to take a deeper dive into a disease that interests you over the next 3 weeks .For the assignment, choose 3 to 4 resources from the Health Science Guides or from an appropriate website related to the disease you are interested in learning more about to help you write the paper.       Please write about Diabetes. Make sure type 1, type2 and gestational diabetes are covered.   For the Week 5 submission:   Write 3-page essay in APA format that addresses the following:   What are the signs and symptoms of the disease? What are some of the potential causes (i.e. etiology) of the disease?   Describe the pathophysiology of the disease: what is the body doing on the cellular or tissue level that is creating the signs/symptoms of the disease? What are some of the lab or imaging tests that are used to diagnose this disease? Once a definite diagnosis is made, what kinds of procedures might be used to treat it? What kinds of drug(s) might be used? Are the risk factors associated with this disease controllable (i.e. diet, lifestyle) or uncontrollable (gender or age factors?)

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