My Change Project Is About Infection Preventing Among Hospitalized Patients

My change project is about infection preventing among hospitalized patients with CVC’s, foleys and lines when using HCG bath every shift and also by early line removal to prevent associated infections.

Ask me questions you might need about the project. You have worked on these before. Follow instructions below This week, you will write your theoretical framework. For this section of your paper, you must specifically identify and address two independent theories or conceptual models that relate directly to your change project in addition to the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. Keep in mind that your theoretical framework provides the structure for your change project.

Think of it as a frame for a new home that is being built. The framework is what guides and directs your change project. Basically, it will help make sense of your change project. Make sure to describe how you will apply these theories and models to your change project. This paper should be at least four pages in length, not including the cover or reference pages.

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