I attached the published research. It is about      ( Patients’

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I attached the published research. It is about      ( Patients’ Hand Washing and Reducing Hospital- Acquired Infection ) I want you to use the following headings in the paper and address the questions below in the analysis. 1) Title & abstract a. Appropriate title? b. Specific enough title? c. Purpose of the study clearly stated in abstract? d. Brief overview of the methodology employed? e. Key findings mentioned? f. Clearly and concise abstract? 2) Literature review a. Importance of this topic was presented? b. Several quality articles mentioned? c. Key terms clearly defined? d. Current articles used? e. Logical flow of ideas? f. Clearly written? 3) Hypotheses a. The hypotheses were clearly identified? b. The hypotheses logically flowed from the literature review? c. The variables of interest were clearly identified in the hypotheses? d. Appropriate number of hypotheses? e. Clearly written? 4) Data collection a. The subjects were appropriate based on the hypotheses? b. The number of subjects seems sufficient? c. The sampling approach was clear and appropriate? d. The time frame for data collection was clear and appropriate? e. The demographics of the sample were described? f. Any problems with data collection were mentioned (e.g., response rates)? g. Overall the quality of the data collection process? 5) Instrumentation/measurement tools a. The independent and dependent variables were clearly defined? b. The measurement tools for each variable was clearly stated? c. Examples of items for variables were provided? d. The quality of instruments used was mentioned? e. Reliability and validity data was referred to? f. Overall, the instruments used seem appropriate for the hypotheses? 6) Results section a. The findings corresponding to each hypothesis were clearly presented? b. Tables, charts, graphs etc. were used to summarize key results? c. Interpretation of the data seems correct? d. The author(s) connected the results to the hypotheses? e. Overall, the results section was clear and complete? 7) Discussion section a. The author correctly generalized findings from this research? b. The author connected this research to other published articles? c. The author presented the implications of this research? d. The author acknowledged limitations of this study? e. Suggestions for future research were indicated? f. Overall this section was clear and complete? g. Final thoughts on the overall value of this paper? * The analysis should be a Word file and be between 5 to 7 pages long (12-point font, double-spaced, normal margins).  *  Each section mentioned above will be scored on a 1 to 10 scale in which a 10 indicates: Ø This section addressed all of the questions mentioned in this document Ø The student correctly used course material in his/her analysis of this section Ø The section is written effectively (clear, no typos/grammatical errors, organized) *I attached example for a critical analysis to help you understand what I want.

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