Good morning Class,   I have just reviewed the Week 1 papers an

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Good morning Class,   I have just reviewed the Week 1 papers and 81% of the class had one or more APA errors. Since I made two announcements about using the correct APA format and provided you a template that was already set up in APA formatting, and gave you the opportunity to correct your paper before the deadline, needless to say I am a little irritated.   Here is a list of errors I found on the papers. You made one or more of them unless you have received an email from me stating otherwise.     No headings in the paper.   Headings are not boldface and/or are not centered.   No title on page 2 before the text of the paper starts (this one is not boldfaced), and/or the title was not centered, and/or the title was boldfaced.   The textbook was not cited correctly.     These are the only errors I found and you made one or more of them. Please review your paper to determine which of these error(s) you made. I will give you one more opportunity to correct the APA formatting error(s) on your paper. These will be due by Sunday, April 24th by 11:59 pm. Please make sure you look your paper over carefully as this will be the only opportunity to resubmit a paper for the remainder of the class   If you want to correct your paper and turn the corrected version in, you will need to email me so I can remove the current paper. If you do not contact me you will not be able to resubmit the corrected version and I will not accept the paper by email.   One word of note; do not change the title of the paper at all; otherwise your turnitin score will be over 90%.   If you decide you do not want to correct your paper, you will receive a grade of 60.   Also, I only reviewed the papers for APA style not for content.

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