An Hypothesis Based On Your Chosen Research Topic

An Hypothesis Based On Your Chosen Research Topic: For this component, you will need to choose one of the research topics from the list below.

Your task is to develop an hypothesis based on your chosen research topic and to design a true experiment to test your hypothesis. You will then ‘write up’ your experiment in the form of an APA style methods section containing the following sections: design statement, participants, materials, procedures, and use of variables. this assignment must be submitted via Turnitin.500 – 600 words (maximum of 600 words, penalties apply). The following criteria will be assessed: design statement, participants, materials, procedure, and use of variables.

Formatted according to APA guidelines (size 12 Times New Roman Font, justified, double-spaced lines). Your name and word count must be included in the header. (Please include Simple Title Page). Please read attached files carefully and follow instructions. has to be submitted via turnitin so can’t have a plagerm score of more then 10% thank you.

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