Select 15 empirical articles related to your PICOT question. 

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Select 15 empirical articles related to your PICOT question.  PICOT question: what is the effect of an “in-class diabetes education  versus giving reading materials in managing patients with diabetes and how it improves patient’s outcome At least one article must demonstrate a quantitative methodology. Part 2: Research Article Chart Using the articles acquired in Part 1, provide a summary review of each component using the “Research Article Chart” template. Part 3: Literature Review Prepare a Literature Review (Chapter 2) of 2,000-3,000 words for your scholarly project. Utilizing the major concepts ( definition of Diabetes Mellitus, Treatment of DM, Complication of DM, Costs of Treatment, Educating patient with DM)  further develop each major concept and subtheme by locating 15 more empirical articles related to your project topic  Use the “Research Article Chart” as a guide to analyze and synthesize (summarize) the literature into the paper you began in the Topic 4 assignment. Based upon your review of the 15 additional research articles, expand on your summary of each major concept and your synthesis of the three identified subthemes that support each concept. At the end of each major concept, include a summary statement.

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