The health belief model is a standard used to predict and explain

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The health belief model is a standard used to predict and explain health behavior. The health belief model was developed to describe why people failed to participate in programs to detect or prevent disease. The health belief model and social learning theory assist the nurse in formulating an action plan that meets the needs and capabilities of the individual making health behavior changes. The health belief model does not specify the interventions that will influence an individual’s likelihood of taking action; rather, it explains the role of values and beliefs in predicting treatment outcomes and adherence, while generating data that guide nurses in choosing effective educational strategies. Many health professionals tend to view a person’s cooperation with the medical regimen as a single choice, when this cooperation often involves many choices every day. For example, following a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet involves constant, and often inconvenient, choices throughout the day. The expectation is that people will do this every day for the rest of their lives, even when the nurse cannot guarantee freedom from angina, myocardial infarctions, or other complications. Eventually, the nurse needs to respect a person’s right to choose. However, nurses can increase an individual’s motivation and capabilities to change by involving the individual in planning and goal setting.   i want you to comment from this post, no more than 150 words and a reference needed.

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