Community Empowerment

Report Issue Option 3: Community Empowerment Select an issue for Community Empowerment that you have observed in your clinical setting and that you have discussed with your preceptor. 

This might be a chronic health condition, a recent crisis or disaster in the community, a health-related legislative concern or something else!  Then, answer all of the following questions: Describe the issue comprehensively.  Is the issue simply and easily explained by community members? Will the issue unite community members and involve them in the problem resolution or divide them? Is the issue consistent with the long-range goals of the community or clinical setting? How does the issue affect community or organizational resources (financial, personnel, supplies, etc)?

Does the issue have the potential for creating new community partnerships?  Or new adversaries?  Why? What is your prediction for the final outcome of the issue? Every ? must be answered.  At least one page long.  All APA.  Must include at least one peer reviewed nursing journal article from 2015-2020

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